It’s so funny how life happens sometimes, isn’t it? This past spring North Texas ‘purified’ their water with chlorine which lead to them issuing a statement about not drinking tap water for a few days. Uhm, what?! Not drinking tap water for days??? Total inconvenience. Not to mention the fact that you could turn on the sink water and smell the chlorine - CRAZY. 


This situation lead me straight to Bed Bath & Beyond to find a water filter. However, once I got there (in the true fashion of BBB) there were so many to choose from! For 20 minutes I stood on the water filter isle reading the back of each product trying to determine which one was best for me. 


After much reading I came to the conclusion that I was going to try ZeroWater! Mainly because it came with a digital water tester that could prove it’s statement of pure tasting water as well as being NSF certified to reduce Lead and Chromium. How cool is that?! 

When I got home that day I unboxed the ZeroWater filter and began to fill it up. While I was waiting for it to fill up, I poured myself a glass of tap water to see if the digital reader (which is measuring tiny tiny particles in your water) would pick up a different number than 000. 


I thought, ‘hmmm, maybe it’ll be like 100 or maybe 150’. But to my surprise the reading was over 350!! 350?!?! No wonder my water was tasting bad! 


So now comes the moment of truth...will the same water that I poured in measuring over 350 really measure 000 once it’s gone through the filter? 


I filled up my glass with anticipation and put the digital reader in the water. 




What?! It actually worked?! So now the question was ‘Can you actually taste a difference?’ 


10000000% YES. I’ve never tasted such amazing water in my entire life! Sounds crazy I know…but just imagine if you actually liked the way your water tasted - wouldn’t you want to naturally drink more of it? 




So fast forward to August which is National Water Quality Month! I partnered with ZeroWater (as I truly am their biggest fan) to explore the difference between ZeroWater and *drum roll* BRITA Water Systems. 

I thought it would be so fun to do a blind taste testing to see if you could: 1) actually taste the difference in water and 2) which water did they like the best. 


Who would have imagined I would have so much fun with water?!?! 

I filled up non labled cups with BRITA, ZeroWater and of course Tap Water. My taste testers were my mom and 3 co-workers who kind of thought this idea was crazy because water is water...right? WRONG. 


As the taste test began they first drank the BRITA water. Their commentary on the water was that it was neutral and they wouldn’t mind drinking more. The next water tasted was the Tap Water and their commentary was hilarious! One tester spit the water back in the cup, another regretted ‘taking such a large gulp’ and one said they could simply smell the chlorine in the water. Before even finishing the experiment everybody knew which one was the tap water. 

So the final taste test began. This was the moment of truth for ZeroWater and to prove my point of not every water filter was made equal. 


They took their first sip. Pondered. And went in for a second much larger sip. 


They then finished their cup of water. 


The commentary back after the last cup of water (aka - the ZeroWater) was that it tasted so fresh and pure in the way that water was supposed to taste. 


There was such a distinctive difference in the water that everybody answered correctly as to which water was which! CRAZY?! And they now don’t think I’m a crazy person saying that not all water was created equal. 


I also showed them the digital readings from all the water and they were shocked to see that only ZeroWater truly ‘zeroed’ out the water. The BRITA water still had a reading of 285 which was only 16 points different than tap water. 

This year Connor and I have been trying to put our health first in every aspect but especially by being aware of what we are putting inside our bodies. With water being something that we drink multiple times a day every day we want to make sure that nothing ‘toxic’ is in our water that would then enter our bodies without us knowing. We truly have full confidence in the ZeroWater complex water filtration system to help keep us hydrated with pure water. 

I 1000000% recommend ZeroWater so much that every wedding, birthday and Christmas gift this year will be a ZeroWater filter. Cheers to pure water! 


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