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Girls night has never been easier thanks to Triscuit! I personally LOVE hosting but sometimes figuring out what to make for girls night can be tough. That's why I love making a charcuterie board that has something for everyone. (And who doesn't love a pretty charcuterie board?!) Triscuit offers a variety of flavors that can also be the perfect pairing options to fine cheese and other goodies that are on the board. Let's jump in to how to make two perfect hosting options for girls night! 

Option 1: Chef Levi Triscuit Recipe 
- Triscuit
- 1 Smear of Cream Cheese
- 1 Slice of cucumber 
- Layer on thin slice of fresh salmon 
- Sprinkle with chives 

Option 2: Charcuterie Board 
- Aged Gouda 
- Chocolate Spread 
- Triscuit Original 
GOOD THiNS Simply Salt 
- Wheat Thins BIG 
- Turkey Roll Ups 
- Sliced Red Apples 
- Sliced Green Apples 
- Almonds 
- Sunflower Seeds 
- Fig Jam 
- Caramel Dipping Sauce 
- Blueberries 
- Cherry Tomatos 
- Ham Rollups 
- Salami 
- Asiago 
- Brie 
- Provolone 
- Parmesan 
- Swiss 
- Sliced Strawberries 
- Chile peppers for decoration!

Both of these options are perfect for a stress free hosting event. Triscuit also offers a variety of flavors that can be mixed in also to spice up the charcuterie board even more! I can't wait to see your hosting photos using these recipes! 


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