Hydrate with ZeroWater

I’ve recently begun a new journey in life...becoming a mom! This new journey is exciting and scary all at the same time because most of the ‘work’ is truly out of my control. Isn’t that crazy to think about?? I don’t wake up every morning thinking ‘today’s list of things to do include: make two arms and 10 fingers for each hand.’ It just happens! 

While it definitely is something that isn’t in my control, what is in my control is what I put into my body to fuel the process with. I’ll be sharing more about my nutritional journey with pregnancy but one of the first things I wanted to share is...hydration! 

Drinking water is KEY while being pregnant as it can relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, heartburn and indigestion. Not only that but you are also now operating TWO systems: yours AND baby! 

Ever wonder how all the good stuff in the prenatal vitamins and healthy foods you're faithfully consuming every day are shipped to your baby? It all starts with water, which helps your body absorb essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells. It's those nutrient-rich blood cells that reach the placenta and ultimately your baby — all with the help of H2O. 

However, what happens if your water is infiltrated with other ingredients besides water? I personally don’t know and don’t want to find out what would happen which is why I’ve been using ZeroWater non stop these days! 

ZeroWater has ZERO dissolved solids for the purest tasting water and believe me, when you’re drinking tons of water every hour you want it to taste good! With their 5 stage advanced filtration system they are now certified to reduce the amounts of lead and chromium in water which is a huge deal. Excessive amounts of lead and chromium can be quite dangerous to individuals so any time you can reduce it you should take that opportunity. 

ZeroWater makes my new mommas heart take a breather and just relax knowing that I’m hydrating with pure water for baby and I. 

For more information about ZeroWater click here!


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