Dive Into Summer with Refreshing Mermaid and Watermelon Lemonade ICEEs

America’s #1 frozen beverage brand launches two new revitalizing summer flavors

DALLAS (May 29, 2019) – If you’re dreaming of beaches this summer, America’s flavorite frozen beverage – ICEE – has launched a delicious new Mermaid flavor that will have you ‘shellebrating’ under the sea.

The enchanting Under the Sea Mermaid ICEE is a fantastical ocean blue and features a combination of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry flavors. To add to the fun, for a limited time, customers can enjoy the Under the Sea Mermaid ICEE with Mermaid candy sprinkles!

If that weren’t enough, ICEE’s new Watermelon Lemonade flavor is sure to tickle you pink with its crisp, light blend of watermelon and lemon. There’s no better combination of two classic flavors to quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

“Our newest flavors are perfect for summer because they bring rejuvenation straight to your cup,” said Natalie Peterson, Sr. Director of Marketing. “The Mermaid ICEE brings all the excitement from under the sea to a refreshing beverage that’s great for enjoying under the hot summer sun. Then, there’s the Watermelon Lemonade flavor that brings back fond childhood memories of summer break, pool days and lemonade stands. They’re both going to be exciting parts of our ICEE lineup, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch these delightful new flavors.”

Both of these refreshing, fizzy, frozen beverages will be available through August. For more information, visit icee.com.

About The ICEE Company

The ICEE Company is a leader and innovator in the frozen beverage industry, offering the most comprehensive frozen beverage package and service network in the beverage and foodservice categories. The company’s brand portfolio includes ICEE®, SLUSH PUPPiE®, ARCTIC BLAST®, Parrot-ice® fruit smoothies, THELMA’s® frozen lemonade, Nitro cold brew frozen coffee dispensed out of Twisted Chill® by ICEE machines, and frozen cocktails. Since its inception in 1967, ICEE has created over 150 flavors and serves over 500 million ICEE drinks each year. The ICEE Company is also a major service provider to the foodservice category through ICEE Managed Service. The ICEE Company is a subsidiary of J&J Snack Foods Corp. (NASDAQ-JJSF) and operates Service Centers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. For more information, please visit icee.com.


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