2020 'The Why': J Bloom Cosmetics

When I first thought of our 2020 series, ‘The Why’, I never imagined just how many amazing people we would get to meet. Many of who are in our own neighborhood doing amazing things with an even more incredible story behind it.

This week we had the opportunity to meet Jordan Miller of J Bloom Cosmetics. Immediately upon meeting Jordan you can’t help but smile noticing that she truly is living out her life passion. It didn't take long for me to see, or rather FEEL, the passion she puts into her work. She founded the company of her dreams only a few years ago and has already been featured in VOGUE not once…. not twice, but THREE times! (British Vogue: August Edition – Vogue’s Getaway Glow + September Edition – Vogue’s Skincare Secrets +October Edition – Vogue’s Skincare Shortlist) Such an incredible accomplishment in such a short amount of time - but she doesn't plan on stopping there!

J Bloom Cosmetics' #1 seller is their Grand Facial Oil. Comprised of 9 sustainably sourced ingredients, this is the perfect product to add to your facial routine. I personally LOVE putting an oil on my face rather than a typical lotion based moisturizer - mainly because I feel as though the oil moisturizes to a deeper level, leaving my skin nourished and glowing. Jordan gave me the Grand Facial Oil to sample and I was taken back by how amazing it made my skin feel (and smell)! Also, it didn’t leave the skin overly slick like when using coconut oil - yet it wasn’t so dense to not be able to absorb either. When talking to Jordan about this phenomenon she explained that it was the combination of the 9 oils that made it the perfect blend. The perfect blend to put on before bed, the perfect blend to wear under make-up and even the perfect blend to achieve the dewy/glowy look!

The 9 ingredients were also hand selected due to their different natural properties. For instance, the different oils used naturally contain anti-inflammatory, rejuvenation, calming and radiency agents in it as well. (For more information & and a full list of the ingredients, click here)

So where did this passion first begin? Well, growing up Jordan suffered from poor skin. Which, as anyone would agree, can make a big impact on one's self confidence. This led to her trying out every skin care regime under the sun for several years until one day she started looking into a more natural approach to skin care. It was during this period that the spark of hope was reignited that a return to healthy skin was possible.

After much research, Jordan started piecing together what is now known as the Grand Facial Oil. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates nor synthetic fragrances - this cruelty free and vegan product is made with a whole bunch of love!

This led to us deep diving further into the modern day cosmetic options out there. During that discussion I asked Jordan what made J Bloom Cosmetics different from others and she simply smiled and said, “ We are transparent! We don’t highlight just one featured ingredient and then have a list of others on the back label. We showcase all of our ingredients and even tell you where they are sourced from! And of course, we will ALWAYS be cruelty-free!”

She then went on to present her product, turned the package over and there it all was, 9 ingredients, short and sweet. No fine print, no asterisks - just simply the information about the product and the application instructions. Clean - just like what is in it!

The last question that I ask every person is what are they doing to give back to the community? After all, a community is supporting its own members, not just asking of or taking from them. The way that Jordan is giving back to the community is by being a mental health advocate. Having also suffered from poor mental health herself, she knows the importance of education about the matter. She has already started the conversation about Mental Health Education in schools k-12 with local and national government agencies. Her ultimate goal in this is to have mental health education built into the curriculum to bring more awareness to the matter long term.

Wow - if you can't tell, Jordan Miller is such an inspiration to me for chasing her dreams and advocating for something she is passionate about. If you would like to purchase her Grand Facial Oil, click here (I promise you won’t regret it!)

Thank you, Jordan, for being a part of our 2020 Series ‘The Why’ - we are truly grateful for your support and honored to be a part of the same community as you!


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