A few days ago on my instagram  I mentioned that I was turning 26 in TWO WEEKS! Crazy! However, with turning 26 in two weeks I've done a lot of pondering about my life and everything that I've been through (or rather everything that WE have gone through together). It made me realize that there were quite a few life lessons that I have not only learned but now implement in every day life that truly has been life changing. Cliché I know...but it's true! Without these fundamentals I wouldn't be the person that I am today nor would I have been able to accomplish some crazy feats! So...lets get started!

Life Lesson #1: Life is a numbers game. 

I wanted to start with this life lesson as I felt that I was having to remind myself of it recently! This past weekend I spent ALL day Saturday pitching to different brands. I probably sent out over 100 emails EASY. Did I send out over 100 emails to be able to have 100 collabs? NO! I sent out that many emails because life is a numbers game. 

Let me break it down for ya. Here is the basic mathematical equation I've created for my life. 


*Note: please don't check the mathematical accuracy of this equation it's more for a visual!*

Let's put it to the test. 

If I spent 3 hours putting together a plan of _______ (business plan, blogging plan, ect) but then tried ZERO times to execute the plan, my results are ZERO. 

If I spent ZERO hours putting together a plan and tried 3 times to execute the plan, my results would also be ZERO. 

However, if I spent 3 hours putting together my plan and then tried my plan 3 times my results would be 9! 

Granted in this case 9 doesn't really equate to anything however it is able to become a base value. 

You see, every time you do your equation the variable of 'skill' changes. You know more than you did the first, second and third time you tried something and are able to tweak your initial plan for the better.

With that variable of skill you are then able to decrease your time or tries to be able to accomplish the same or better results. 

Your formula then looks something like this: 


*aka - multiply the times and tries and then multiply that number by the skill* 

Hopefully I haven't lost you yet! But if I have, keep with me because I promise that is the last mathematical equation in this blog post! 

So you might be asking, 'why in the world does this matter??'

It matters because it keeps you motivated when trying new things.


Trying new things can be some of the most challenging times in our lives. But what makes the 'new things' even harder is when they are the dreams in our hearts that we are scared to achieve. 


We're scared to try something new because at first we might not be good enough so we tend to make a plan, revise the plan, re-revise the plan....but potentially never put it into practice. Meaning the results are always ZERO.

When you look at life as a numbers game it's easier to deal with rejection too. 

Uhm.....wasn't this supposed to be a motivational post??

It is! Another challenges we face in life is being rejected when we are in our most vulnerable state.

However, when you switch your mindset to life is a numbers game it takes the pressure off yourself as you realize that all you have to do is change the variables to get the results you want. 

So the next time that you're feeling down about yourself because you haven't gotten the new job yet, you haven't grown enough on social media, you haven't signed with a record label remember your life equation: 


Get back up, look at what you've done, tweak it for the better and go get that goal!


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