Okay FAM! This is the long awaited DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains! For us, we were so surprised by how EXPENSIVE curtains were and not to mention that they only came in certain sizes which were all too short for our windows. So that's were we had to get creative to save some $$$ because otherwise the quote we got was $1,500...aka - way too much for us to just spend on curtains! 

*Also - we just had our family over for Thanksgiving to show off our home and everybody was in complete SHOCK that these were drop cloths! My uncle (who builds homes) even commented that he thought these looked like several thousand dollars worth of drapery. #winning)* 

So let's get right to it! 

Step 1: Gather drop cloth(s) + OXI Clean White Revive + Curtain Clip Rings 

*I bought the drop cloths at Lowes and the OXI Clean White Revive + Curtain Clips at Target!*

Step 2: Wash Drop Cloths

*I put a cap and a half + 3 drop cloths per load*

Step 3: Take Drop Cloths out of dryer immediately when done and lay out flat to prevent extra wrinkles! 

Step 4: Fold over Drop Cloth to necessary length. 

*Since we bought 15 ft drop cloths and our curtains only needed to be 12ft, we folded over about a foot of fabric*

Step 5: Attach ring clips on the top edge of drop cloth.

*We started by putting one clip on each end, then the middle, then two more on each side as there are 7 in a pack. Also, you don't have to worry about being perfectly spaced because they are going to be folded - estimate your way and you'll be golden!*

Step 6: Gather rings then put on curtain rod! 

*Tip: if you make all the fold in the fabric one direction it will look more classy!*

And that's how you make some statement curtains at a fraction of the price! 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you did complete this DIY by commenting below!


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