Adulting with B

Lesson 2: We are blessed to be a blessing.

Question to ponder: "What good does it do if you are the richest man but don't positively impact the world because of it?"

Going through life it's ingrained in us that we need to go to school, to get a good paying job, to make money. Wake up, go to work, make money, repeat. When a year comes at your current position, we are taught that we 'earned' a raise and need more money. More money. More money. 

But why? Why do we need more money? Why do some people tend to have all the money yet others seem to have no money? Money is definitely that controversial topic (just like politics and religion) that we just simply don't talk about in society which is why I believe that we are all so confused by it. 

Just like I said in my past blogs about Adulting, I don't have it all figured out. I'm not even CLOSE to having it all figured out - but I think that's the fun in life is to always be open to learning. 

So, all of that to say...I'm sharing my personal beliefs on monies and what I've found that works.


I titled this lesson 'We are blessed to be a blessing' because that is the foundation of my thoughts on monies. 

'But B...that's a dumb thing because it actually has nothing to do with money???'

Oh but it has everything to do with money. 

A few years ago I had quit my 'real' job with nothing to transition to. I had only $150 left in my pocket. I had no job leads, no extra money, nothing. I was at what felt like the end. 

It was a Wednesday which meant that there was a night service to attend at the church I had gone to a few times before. During the service I felt this tug on my heart to GIVE $50 out of the $150 that I had left in my pocket...

'uhm....that's probably the dumbest thing one can do because then you have LESS than the HARDLY ANY monies that you had before?!?!' are COMPLETELY right. It was a decision that doesn't make sense. But I did it. 

And then I waited. 

And waited. 

And waited some more....

Until the last day of the month. The day before all the bills are due. 

And that morning I was scheduled to be an extra for a commercial shoot with a call time of 5:30am. However, I received a frantic call at 4:32am asking if I was still on my way. 

Upon walking to set I found out that the lead female had actually called in sick that morning and wasn't able to make it. They needed a brunette that was 5' 7" and a size 2 to fill in for her. 

They only had to the ability to choose from the extras...and I happened to fit her exact measurements. 

I was then THROWN into hair and makeup to get ready for a commercial that I had ZERO time to prepare for. 

But the craziest part about this commercial was that lead role was $1,500. EXACTLY 10 fold of what I came to church with just 29 days before. 


Now I know that is just one example but this has happened time and time again in my life. Every time that I've desired something new whether that be a job, a computer, friendship, ect - the same principle has held true. We have to GIVE in order to GET. 

One of the things to keep in mind is that giving is not necessarily only about money. Giving can be cleaning out your closet, cleaning out your car, giving away tangible objects, giving your time in order to help a friend.

I fully believe that when we are filled up to the brim with just 'stuff' in our life - it prevents us from allowing new things to enter our life. 


Think about it this way. Our body is so complex and perfectly in rhythm that we don't have to tell our lungs to breathe every breath and our heart to beat in a certain rhythm. It just does it. 

And while the blood is flowing through the veins, the veins are never worried about when the next pump of blood is going to come. It doesn't store back extra blood in case the next pump doesn't come. The veins simply take what they need and pass the rest down the line. 

Let me say that again in a different way....the veins simply take ONLY what they need in the moment, and then BLESS the excess blood down the way. 

For if the veins became greedy and stored up extra blood in case the next pump never came...they would form a blood CLOT and potentially kill the rest of the body. 


Together let's not be a blood clot worried about when the next opportunity may come. Let's CHOOSE to be the kind of person that is able to bless somebody else's life - no matter how big or small that blessing might be. 

And with blessing somebody else's'll be amazed to see what opportunities open for you as well. 


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