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Happy Monday FAM! Yesterday I asked some questions on my instagram in order to get to know y'all better and WOW I was so shocked by your responses! Like, honestly I was. I was especially shocked by the amount of people that were interested in posts about 'adulting'. Now I by no means have everything figured out, but I am honored to share some of the life principles that I operate by in this new series! 

Every Monday I'll be sharing an 'adulting' post because I'm bound and determined to make Monday your favorite day of the week. So considering that it is Monday...let's get started! 

The first thing that I wanted to talk about is your mindset. This is something that I've found to be the most challenging, most basic, most essential part of where I am today. Your mind is so powerful yet something that most people haven't fully tapped into yet. 

So in order to start with mindset, we have to backtrack a few years. 

I grew up in an incredibly broken home where I constantly faced adversity. Facing adversity from your own family is probably one of the toughest things that one can go through as family is supposed to be your biggest cheerleaders not your biggest critics. ANYWAY - because of this adversity I found myself hanging out with just me a lot of the time. Which led me to one key element: day dreaming. 

I would spend hours upon hours day dreaming about my life. I didn't talk a lot around my family because I was busy day dreaming about all the different possibilities that life had to offer. Sometimes I would get so lost within my own thoughts that I would start showing the emotions of my day dreams in real life. 

However, what I began to notice was that these day dreams started coming true. Mostly small things but enough 'random' things began to happen that my mother wanted in on my secret! 

After doing more research on the power of day dreaming (because hi, I'm a nerd) I realized that there was theory called the Law of Attraction. 

This theory states 'The law of attraction (LOA) is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. It is believed by many to be a universal law by which “Like always attracts like.”

(If you look at this law in a biblical sense, Proverbs 18:21 says 'there is life and death in the power of the tongue') 

So back to the LOA. When I realized that this theory was out there boy was it a game changer in life. Now note - this isn't a magic genie, you don't get three wishes that automatically come true - this is so much bigger than that. 

What I found was that my mindset had completely changed for the better. No matter what situation I'm in, I always look for a positive. A reason as to why I was there. The whole event could have been a bust but it just takes one person, one phone call, one email to change your life. 


So let's talk about how to put this LOA to work. 

The first step: make a vision board. 

Now your vision board can be a list in your journal, photos printed out, Pinterest board, ect - but you need to be able to see this list every single day. I love to fill my list with the craziest dreams I could think of. Some of my past dreams have been signing with an agency, walking in NYFW, being in magazines and today I've accomplished all of those things. 

Step two: take the first step. 

So I talked about this earlier that the LOA is NOT a genie. There for you have to put in the work in order to achieve your goal. However, this is the fun part because you begin to see that nothing in life is really left to 'chance' but to taking the first step towards your dreams. 

When you identify your dream take a step back and ask yourself 'what would be the first step to achieving your dream?' Is your dream to be a blogger? Then start to research how to build a website, think about the topics that you want to cover, what colors are your brand colors? Do you want to star in a feature film? Then start with local theaters or acting classes to then get signed with an agency.


Nobody ever got anywhere without taking the first step.


Step three: stay uncomfortable. 


Yikes, this is a feeling that most likely you HATE. Nobody really truly enjoys being uncomfortable whether that uncomfortable comes from clothes that are itchy/too small, a crowd you don't fit in with, or even an office chair that is just simply not comfy. 


We as humans tend to stay in our circles of the known. However, our dreams lie outside of these circles and therefor we need to venture outside of them as well. 


A general statement that I have in my life is that as soon as I am comfortable is the moment that I need change. What's crazy now is that I have grown to crave the uncomfortable. Why? Because I know that when I'm the most uncomfortable is when I am growing and taking the next step towards my dream. 

Step four: keep going. 

It's so easy to take the first step and fail and then quit. It's too that...ect. Yupp, you are going to fail. But the best part about failing is now it's not as scary to fail again. Every time you fail you learn something that you didn't know before. Whether it's about yourself, the situation, the career, ect. I don't really like the term 'fail' so we are going to change it to 'win or learn'. When you don't win - LEARN. 

Pick yourself up, keep your head high, tweak yourself based upon what you just learned and try again. You're not going to get it right on the first time and that is OKAY. What is more important is that you try again. 

Step five: dream bigger. 

At some point you'll start seeing how everything fell into place. You'll look back and be shocked by how far you've come or by how many dreams you've accomplished. When this starts to happen, dream bigger. Don't let yourself be satisfied/settled/comfortable with the now. Dream bigger and keep going! 


Thank you guys so much for reading my first post about adulting! I'd love to hear your thoughts below. Together let's go accomplish those dreams!


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